Campaign Development 01/06/2017

Innovation as Communication


Equipment used when filming:

  • Camera
  • SD card
  • Jars with lids X2
  • Clear tubing (Homebase)
  • Plants X2 (one better than the other)
  • Cigarettes
  • Long handled lighter
  • Bluetack
  • Double sided sticky squares
  • Super glue
  • Scissors

Our make-shift invention:


Behind the scenes shots:


During filming we came across some problems. Just using the tubing to transport the smoke between the jars didn’t give enough of a ‘smoky’ effect. The appearance just looked foggy and misty.

The shot with the cigarette standing up wasn’t very successful either as when we were filming a vertical panning shot there wasn’t much room between the cigarette and the jar lid. To overcome this we inserted the cigarette into the tube upside down and cut it shorter which allowed more filming space in the jar shot. We also struggled with the cigarette blowing out when all the oxygen had gone, which meant we had to film a selection of times.

To make the most of our time 2 of us went to record the voiceover whilst the others filmed the footage, this worked sort of well as it meant we weren’t all just standing around whilst a couple of people did everything. Although there were still some that did nothing to contribute during this time period.

Voice over script:

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 14.30.16

Each line within the script was recorded separately in segments for ease when editing the footage together, the only problem may be transitioning them together with no static noise. We recorded the voiceover in a small closed room using a Blue Microphones Snowball ICE Microphone, when recording the audio we also placed a jacket over their head to help cancel out any other noises or movements.

Our next stage after today will be editing the footage, audio and transitions together.


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