Industry Engagement 02/06/2016


University & Work:

  • Ravensbourne
  • First came together in 2nd year during live briefs
  • Internship at iris
  • The masterpizzas auction
  • Worked at CP&B
  • Teams battling against each other for briefs


  • When you introduce yourself, actually introduce yourself. You’re far more than just a name
  • Keep writing in a creative way, learn copy writing
  • Do don’t say
  • Care about things, peoples problems will be your problems
  • You’ll get paid to sort them out but you should love doing it anyway
  • When you present yourself, go for it, don’t just wing it, blast it rehearse it
  • Make things all the time
  • Learn as many different software skills as you can
  • Invest time to learn software
  • If you don’t fit in never force yourself in, try somewhere else. There will eventually be a place where you do fit in and everyone will be happier that you’re in there
  • You don’t know the best place until you find the worst place
  • If you feel UK hasn’t got any good adverts find other countries work
  • Get stuck in
  • Everything is put in that place for a reason, knowing why
  • Know what copywriting and art direction is
  • Everything you do can be put on social media
  • Always hit and miss

Work that they love:




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