Campaign Development 06/06/2017

Innovation as Communication

Our final video:


The idea:

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 12.02.07

The process of creating and the group aspect of the brief:

During the process we each shared most of the roles and collaborated efficiently within a team. We created a survey to inform our idea through research. As a group we organised ourselves well to make sure that not only a select amount were doing all the work. When it came to the logo 3 of us worked to create a variety of logos before presenting them all to the group to choose, the same format happened with the script when 2 people worked on them with different tones of voice. The only negative to our group I feel was the size, having 10 people ad not many tasks to do was a challenge but I feel that we managed it wisely and took the right approach. However some in our group were less participant than others and had near enough no contribution to make towards the final outcome or theoretical side of our creation.

This group brief I feel has pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way and forced me to voice my opinion more as I don’t want to put my name to a bad piece of work that lacks creativity.

Are we happy with the overall outcome:

I think that we are all happy with the overall outcome. Reflecting on the experience I enjoyed the research and creative idea process and feel that it was our stronger aspect within the brief. My reasoning for this is because I feel that our product/service actually has potential and is a strong concept with an insight and relevant research to back it up.



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